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In this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, RedHawk is focusing all of our attention working with our international manufacturer to supply Canada and beyond with emergency prep PPE to meet the needs in this critical time. Our vision is that everyone will be protected by our high quality PPE and have access to our kits, Hovercraft, Ecodomes, and other emergency shelters. Our aim is to keep you safe and healthy. We prepare you for every emergency, both natural and man-made!

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RedHawk wil customize any of our courses, including our W.E.S.T. Workplace Safety and Emergency preparedness courses for specific institutions or companies. We offer perfect content for helping you with team building, leadership training, Personal Protection, basic and advanced wilderness survival, wilderness therapy, Active Shooter response, women's self-defence, outdoor adventures, canoe adventures, and more. Contact us today to explore the possibilities!

We can ensure that you meet all of your emergency preparedness needs including outlining an emergency plan, training your employees, and providing emergency kits with top of the line supplies that will last for 72 hours.

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